Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So I realize I'm a total slacker and haven't blogged in over a week - sorry :(

Today definitely deserves me blogging about it though!

Twice this morning Corbynn spit up on herself and not just a little spit up - a lot of spit up. Once at sometime between 4:15 and 5 (because that was the last time I checked on her after her 3 am feeding) and at about 7:15. Each time I had to change her and get her new blankets etc. - It was BAD! Then at about 8:00 I told Ben mommy was going potty. He then joins me in the bathroom and says diety off {(diaper off) now when I left him about 45 seconds earlier he was fully clothed with pajama bottoms and his diaper on.} I asked him if he needed to potty to which he always responds, No! Then in a stroke of mom genius I told him to go sit on the kitchen floor and mommy would be right there. Not 30 seconds later he comes back, "Potty mommy, potty." At this point I can hardly believe what I am hearing.
I said, "You went potty?"
"Where?" I said.
"In the Kitchen"
So, he peed on kitchen floor - all of this before 8:15 and if that was it that'd be fine but the day was just beginning.

Benjamin decided he didn't need a nap today - I'm not sure why because he was exhausted but you know . . . So I heard him knocking on his bedroom door - an abnormal thing because he can open it and get out (what he usually does). I went into his room and he had lotion all over the floor AGAIN! (Two weeks ago he got his lotion out before he got up in the morning and had it all over his bed and a black eye too!) I couldn't keep him in his bed so, after and hour of fighting I let him get up. At a little after 5 as I was getting ready to cook dinner with Gerad I noticed he had almost fallen asleep playing - I said, "Benjamin Wayne, you wake up." He just curled up more so I made him dance with me and then help daddy BBQ dinner. He cried about everything - everything so when I got to leave to go to coffee with Kath I was feeling very lucky! And when I came home I felt refreshed and I'm ready to handle tomorrow - lotion and all!

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  1. A post that a fellow mother can laugh about. It's happened to all of us!

    Alli once used an entire bottle of baby powder (brand new/extra large) and "re-decorated" our whole downstairs WHITE. It took forever to clean that one up.

    You're so lucky that you have family close by. You can always drop that sweet little boy off at Grandma's house :)