Friday, September 4, 2009

My Husband Rocks!

So I have a sad story for my husband rocks this week. Today, Gerad sold his motorcycle. He's had it for about 5 years and all of our married life. We've had so much fun on it. We've taken it to Warriors Games, Hot August Nights, Wallowa and just some sweet rides around town. The reason this makes him rock is because this was his decision completely. He decided it would be best for our family and that makes him rock. He loves us so much he gave it up for us (kinda reminds me of the sacrifice Jesus made - giving something you love up for those you love knowing in the end it's all worth it). He's so great! I know it'll be different and take some time to get used to having an empty space in the garage, but in 25 years we'll have our Corvette to park there :)


  1. That looks like a pretty sweet bike! What a good guy you have to sell that for your family. I hope you guys are able to get matching corvettes... even better, in LESS than 25 years :)

  2. Well, we've always said we'd get them for our 30th anniversary - that's why 25 years but I wouldn't complain about it being less and if we get matching ones then I would actually get to drive!