Friday, September 18, 2009

My Husband Rocks!

So I'm a few weeks behind. I didn't post why Gerad rocks last week because we got up early on Friday and worked until late redoing our kitchen floor. We laid some oak laminate and it looks so great. He took off 6 days of work and we did our floor on Friday and finished putting the kitchen back together on Saturday. On Sunday we left for a three day "vacation" just the two of us and it was sweet! We went to Keith Urban concert on Monday and rocked out with Kath and Lo - we had so much fun, just laughing and joking all night. We're still talking about our trip and how we can't wait until we escape for a weekend again! I'm so glad I married him - we have so much fun together and can get through everything in life together!

So here's why he rocks - because He love me! He cares enough to get me away from "life" so that I can come back totally refreshed and recharged and be a better wife to him and mom to the kids. He's so smart and I appreciate it so much!

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