Monday, June 7, 2010


I thought I'd do a new post to fill you in on the kids' newest accomplishments!

Benjamin is becoming quite the young man, he says the funniest things, and speaks as if he was 10.  Kathy was asking him his favorite thing from Hawaii and he told her it was the shower ... He really enjoyed the shower to rinse off the sand by the ocean.  They had a short one to wash your feet except it was the perfect size for him ... he would push it and get his swim shorts just soaked and then bend over and wash his hair.  He was under the impression he should take a shower, that's what you're supposed to do, right?

Corbynn is getting really big.  She just recently started pulling herself up, on EVERYTHING in the house.  Today she fell because she couldn't keep herself up on the oven.  She's got quite the independent personality (I don't know where she could possibly get that).  She also really enjoys eating!  She's only got two bottom teeth, but don't deny her food.  All she wants is table food and if she's not eating what we are I spend the meal dodging her dirty looks.  She's got such a personality for 11 months old. 


  1. that's awesome :)
    Now you just need to post some pictures of those darling babies!

  2. Thanks for posting on mine so I could find yours!
    Congrats to you too! Sounds like you'll have a fun Christmas gift at your house!
    You know the saying, "Everyone has shoes but the cobbler's kids"? My dad is a photographer and we never had any pics. Good luck with your blogging and picture goals!