Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gender Cake

So here I go and promise lots of pictures and blogging etc. and I haven't done anything in days :(

I was supposed to make a gender cake last week for some friends to announce if they were having a boy or girl (they didn't know yet either) and I was really excited ... then this baby decided to have some fun with me and I got to spend 4 days on the couch ... but we did get an ultrasound (pics to follow).  (Congrats to Stevie and Hillary!  It's a girl!)  So my wonderful mom made the amazing gender cake for me while watching my kiddos and taking care of me.  I am finishing the wedding cake this week, pictures to follow next week!

Here's some pics of  "little Harris" at 10weeks 6 days, healthy little baby!  We had some good "posing shots" as the US tech called them, but they didn't print correctly so we have these with the measurements on them.  We get another one in about 4 weeks, because they are worried about "an abnormality in the baby's neck."  As far as I am concerned ... it's teeny tiny, how could you possibly see the anatomy correctly now?  Oh well, at least I get another ultrasound! :)


  1. abnormal neck? Where is the neck- it's just a head with a body- no neck. (Maybe it's like on my big fat greek wedding when the aunt said "they found teeth and a spinal cord. It was my twin". That way could could talk in a greek accent to the baby.... I'm just sayin'.) I'll pray for you and your sweet baby.

    I can't wait to see pictures of the gender cake. What a fun way to announce!

  2. LOL!! That is a good reference to MBFGW! I'm not really worried and my SIL is in her 4th year of med school and thought it was dumb ... basically just to cover their hineys, just in case :(

  3. Okay, I realize that I couldn't reply to your comment and I don't actually have your REAL e-mail address..... and although I wrote you a message on FB, and then remembered that you are taking a break from facebook... I figured that this was the only way you'd get a comment from me. Sheesh. lol!!

    Basically: DIGI TOTALLY COUNTS! It's just about making sure that memories are preserved for future generations.
    ROCK ON!